How Do You Make Crochet-Top Kitchen Towels?


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To make a crochet-topped kitchen towel, fold the towel in half with the short sides touching, and cut it along the fold. Fold one half of the towel down 1/4-inch along the cut side to create a hem, iron the hem, and sew the hem down with yarn. After reaching the edge of the hem, begin crocheting the top portion of the towel using the stitches of yarn as a base for the crochet.

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After reaching the edge of the hem, create a series of loops that are 4 to 5 inches long and 1/4 inch apart by pushing the needle through the towel and allow a 4- to 5-inch loop of yarn to remain on the back of the towel.

Continue making loops 1/4-inch apart to the end of the towel, and single-chain along the horizontal rows created by the loops. Follow the desired pattern to connect the horizontal rows. Typically, crafters use single- and double-chain stitches to create the pattern.

At the top of the towel, create a button hole, and sew a button onto the base of the crocheted portion of the towel. Repeat the process with the second half of the towel to make another crochet-topped towel.

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