How Do You Make a Crochet Cross Bookmark?

How Do You Make a Crochet Cross Bookmark?

Make a crochet cross bookmark by working on the outside edges first, after selecting an appropriate pattern. Make the "arms" of the cross first, and then crochet the body.

A size 10 crochet thread, a steel millimeter hook and tapestry needle will get the job done. The finished cross will be around five squared inches, and this cross requires two special stitches. The first, the puff stitch, is completed by putting the yarn over the hook and then drawing it into a loop in the desired stitch and repeating twice more. The second special stitch is the long single crochet stitch. Draw the loop through the desired stitch to the height of the row being worked on. Complete it as a single crochet, and it should take the place of the next stitch in the current row.

Following a crochet pattern means becoming familiar with crochet abbreviations. Most patterns use abbreviations instead of spelling out whole words.

Ch means "chain stitch,." This may be followed by a number denoting the number of stitches. St means "stitch," and sl means "slip stitch."

Using these terms, begin stitching the cross bookmark.

  1. Start at the center
  2. Beginning at the center, ch 5 in first ch to form a ring.

  3. Complete row 1
  4. Ch 3, join with sl and st in a ring.

  5. Complete row 2
  6. Continue until there are 13 rows of shell and fasten off the weave at the ends.

  7. Join and fasten
  8. Join in the side of the shell and work two rows of shell to make the cross. Fasten off both sides.

  9. Slipstitch
  10. Step 4 consists of slipstitches on any side of the shell. Ch 3, slip and stitch the first stitch of ch 3. Slip stitch until the next shell side. Repeat until the cross is complete.

After completing the cross, make a tassel for the end, or crochet a scripture or other saying into the center or along the edge of the cross, if desired.