How Do You Make a Crayon Etching?

How Do You Make a Crayon Etching?

Crayon etchings are made by filling an entire page with bright colors in crayon, covering those colors with solid black crayon and then scraping away some of the black. This craft is a popular activity for children.

Crayon etching is a very simple technique that anyone can experiment with young or old. It requires a box of crayons, some scraping tools and a thick piece of paper.

  1. Color in the paper
  2. Select a range of brightly colored crayons. Color in random patches of the paper with these crayons. Make sure to completely cover all of the white space on the paper. The result should be a page covered in large and small patches of various bright colors.

  3. Cover the color with black
  4. Use a black crayon to cover over the entire page of color. Make sure than only black is visible on the paper. This will not damage the colored crayon underneath.

  5. Create the etching
  6. Use a variety of hard implements as tools to scrape away the black surface. Some potential tools include, Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, paintbrush handles and combs. As the black is scraped away from the surface it creates multicolored lines. Experiment with creating lines of different thicknesses or with drawing psychedelic scenes and animals on the page.