How Do You Make a Crayon Costume?


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To make a crayon costume cut holes for the head and arms in a pillowcase and decorate the pillowcase with the word"Crayon." Use different colored pillowcases for a group of people to represent a box of crayons.

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A crayon costume is one of the easiest costumes a person can make. All that is required is a colored pillowcase, black fabric paint, scissors and construction paper to match the color of the pillow.

  1. Draw the logo
  2. Perhaps the most difficult part of the costume is making the crayon logo for the front of the pillowcase. A person can use a crayon as a guide to draw it free-hand, or another option is to print a template off the computer. Put a piece of cardboard inside the pillowcase to prevent bleeding through. Use a pencil to sketch the design or trace the template. Color it in with the black fabric paint and let dry.
  3. Make the head and arm holes
  4. Once the paint is completely dry, hold the pillowcase up in front of the person that will wear it. Use a pencil to mark the places to cut for the head and arms. Use a sharp pair of scissors to make the slits in the top and sides of the pillowcase.
  5. Make the hat
  6. Use  piece of construction paper the same color as the pillowcase for the hat, representing the tip of the crayon. Simply roll it into a cone shape and secure with tape.
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