How Do You Make Crayon Candles?


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Crayon candles can be made through a process of melting down crayons and pouring this melted crayon mixture into a mold with a wick. Some techniques call for care to be taken with color selection and pouring to allow for a color-blocked look, which other techniques are more utilitarian and simply make use of candles for their wax and not their appearance.

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Step 1: Select and prepare crayons If the do-it-yourself candlemaker wants to use only specific crayon colors, he or she should separate those colors first. Those people who don't care about color can simply assemble crayons of any color. In both cases, remove the crayons' paper wrappers.

Step 2: Melt the crayons Melt the crayons in a microwave or in a hot water bath; in either case, place the crayons in a heat-safe container. Those people who want a smoother candle can add extra plain wax at this step.

Step 3: Pour melted wax into molds Pour the wax into the desired candle mold, such as an empty votive. Add the candle's wick prior to pouring. Those people who plan to layer colors should take care at this stage to allow each separate color layer to harden before pouring the next layer.

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