How Do You Make a Craft Windmill?


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Make a craft windmill using colored craft paper for the windmill blades, an empty toilet paper roll or straw for the windmill tower or handle, pin tacks to secure the windmill blades to the tower and craft beads to cover and decorate the tack. Windmill blades that don't require glue or adhesive are made using origami paper folding techniques.

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Make the windmill blades by cutting two squares of differently patterned or colored craft paper approximately 5.5 inches square for each windmill. Glue the two squares together, and allow them to dry. Using scissors, cut 2 inches towards the center from each corner. Fold and glue every other corner point to the center and use a pin tack to secure the completed windmill blades to a straw or empty toilet paper roll. Glue a matching craft bead over the pin tack.

To make craft windmill blades without glue, fold a two-sided square of origami paper diagonally, open it and fold it diagonally in the opposite direction. Open the square and fold the bottom left corner toward the center and repeat the process with the upper right corner. Flip the paper over, turn it 45-degrees and then fold the left and right flaps toward the center. Fold the tabs at the top and bottom behind, creating a square, and then turn it over. Pull the paper out from the middle and squash fold the corners to finish the windmill blade shape, and secure using a pin tack.

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