How Do You Make a Cowboy Hat Helmet?

How Do You Make a Cowboy Hat Helmet?

You can make a cowboy hat helmet by attaching a cowboy hat to the outside of a riding helmet. You will need a riding helmet, a cowboy hat, glue, and possibly scissors and additional material to cover gaps.

  1. Obtain a riding helmet

    Get a riding helmet in your size. Do not use a bike helmet or another type of helmet because they are not specifically designed to withstand a fall or a blow to the head by a hoof.

  2. Measure the helmet

    Measure the outside of the helmet. Measure around the base of the helmet and over the top.

  3. Find a cowboy hat

    Find a cowboy hat that will fit over the riding helmet. Hat sizes are calculated by dividing the circumference of the base of the hat by 3.145. If you cannot find a hat large enough, stretch a slightly smaller felt hat using steam to the right size.

  4. Attach the hat to the helmet

    Glue the hat to the outside of the helmet using a hot glue gun. Be careful not to get any glue on the inside of the helmet or the straps. Glue the top of the hat as low down as possible on the top of the helmet. If, even after stretching, the hat you found is still too short for the helmet, cut the brim from the rest of the hat, and glue it around the base of the helmet. Alternatively, cover the gap with a ribbon, strip of leather or another fabric. If you do not want a cowboy hat to be permanently attached to the helmet, glue it to a helmet cover instead. Allow the glue to dry fully before wearing.