How Do You Make a Corsage Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Corsage Bracelet?

How Do You Make a Corsage Bracelet?

Make a corsage bracelet by attaching flowers to an elastic corsage bracelet. The time required for this project varies depending on how elaborate you want the bracelet to be. You need flowers and leaves, satin ribbon, an elastic corsage bracelet, scissors, thin wire, a wire cutter and glue.

  1. Choose some flowers

    Decide between real or artificial flowers. You can buy real flowers at grocery stores, and artificial ones at craft shops. You need to have a focal flower, which is the largest flower centered on the bracelet. You also need smaller flowers and corresponding greenery.

  2. Make the base of the corsage

    Cut 2 yards of ribbon for the base of the corsage. Loop the ribbon back and forth, until it looks like a bow with multiple loops, and fasten the center of the ribbon with a wire. Attach the ribbon to the elastic corsage bracelet with glue.

  3. Attach the flowers and leaves

    Glue the leaves on the bracelet first. Place the smaller flowers on top of the leaves. Wrap the thin wire around the base, the stems of the leaves and the flowers.

  4. Attach the focal flower

    Glue the focal flower to the corsage, make sure to cut the stem short. Bend the metal prongs of the elastic corsage bracelet up and over the ribbon. Arrange the leaves and flowers to cover up the metal. Allow the glue to dry.