How Do You Make Confetti Eggs?

How Do You Make Confetti Eggs?

Make confetti eggs by cracking a small hole in the top of each egg, emptying the egg of its contents, and filling it with confetti paper. Finally, glue tissue paper over the hole, and seal the paper firmly.

  1. Empty and dye your egg

    Using the sharp end of a pair of scissors, break a hole in the egg's wider end. Drain the fluids from the egg, and rinse out the interior. Allow the egg to dry, and then soak the egg in colored dye for several hours. If necessary, tear the inner membrane of the egg to better submerge the shell in dye.

  2. Fill the egg with confetti

    Cut several sheets of colorful tissue paper into tiny shapes, and stuff the tissue about halfway into the eggshell. Use a funnel to stuff the tissue more effectively.

  3. Seal the eggshell

    Cut out a square of tissue paper slightly larger than the hole in the egg. Use a glue stick or brush to apply glue around the edges of the hole, and then glue the bottom of the paper. Finally, lay the paper over the hole, and press the paper firmly to seal it. Store the eggs in a holiday basket, if desired.