How Do You Make a Comment Card?

How Do You Make a Comment Card?

Comment cards provide a valuable communicative link between customers and owners of service-oriented businesses such as restaurants. Make a comment card by choosing the right questions for the card, providing an opportunity for further communication with the customer, having the cards printed and setting them out for customer use.

  1. Choose the right questions

    Keep your comment card simple, limiting it to a few questions or subjects. Include two to five multiple choice questions as well as few answers that let customers make comments in their own words.

  2. Create an area for your customers' contact information

    Provide a space on the comment card on which your customers can provide their names and contact information, perhaps offering a small incentive to them for doing so. Add this information to your mailing or social media list, and use it as the basis for an "insiders" club to whom you can make special offers. Make sure your customers also have the opportunity to remain anonymous.

  3. Format and print the cards

    Use one of the many templates found online to format your comment card, or hire a professional graphics designer to create them. Have them printed.

  4. Distribute and collect your comment cards

    Make comment cards easily available by leaving them on dining tables or in waiting areas. Collect them regularly, and follow up with specific complaints and compliments.