How Do You Make Colonial Toys?

How Do You Make Colonial Toys?

Colonial toys are simple trinkets made from items found around the house. These toys include marbles, wooden tops, hoops and dolls made out of corn husks. Making a corn husk doll is an easy process that only requires you to prepare corn husks, roll and tie them into the proper shapes, and add clothes from cloth and felt.

  1. Prepare the materials

    Gather together corn husks, felt, yarn, a paper towel, twine, scissors and glue. Cut the corn husks into squares. Soak them in water for 10 minutes to make them pliable.

  2. Roll and tie the husks into the head and body

    Stack six husks together, and with twine, tie one end 1 inch from the top. Starting on the long end, fold half the husks over one side of the twine and half over the other side. Tie twine 1 inch down from the top of the fold. This creates the head and body.

  3. Fold and position the arms

    Roll a single husk up, and tie each end with twine for the arms. Center and slide the roll horizontally below the head with three tusks of the body on either side of the arms.

  4. Finish the body

    Tie twine around the husks of the body below the arms for the waist. Cut the felt into clothes. Glue yarn to the head for hair.