How Do I Make a Coin Pusher?

How Do I Make a Coin Pusher?

To make a coin pusher, cut out pieces of wood. Attach the pieces together with screws or glue. Make a door with hinges in the back. Mount motor in the back, and decorate the coin pusher.

  1. Cut the wood

    Decide on the size of the coin pusher and the size of each individual piece. It may be helpful to make a paper model or a diagram at this stage. Buy the wood, and cut it into the proper sizes with a hand saw or circular saw. You need pieces for the base, sides, top, back, front and coin ledges.

  2. Cut a door

    Cut out a door in the back piece of the coin pusher. Attach the door to the piece of wood around it with hinges. Make holes in the top for the coins to drop through.

  3. Attach the wooden pieces together

    Attach the pieces of the coin pusher together with glue or screws. Put the coin slide in the inside. Cut out a piece of thick, see-through plastic for the front of the coin pusher. Screw or glue the plastic on.

  4. Add the motor

    Wire a servo motor to a battery pack, and place it in the back of the coin pusher. You may need to modify the servo motor to keep it spinning around without blocks.

  5. Decorate the coin pusher

    Decorate the coin pusher with paint or another material, and add coins.