How Do You Make a Club Patch?


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To make a club patch, choose the text, font and image you wish to portray, then sketch the idea on paper, draw a border, and pick the appropriate colors. Finally, get the sketch embroidered or printed onto fabric patches by a professional embroidery or printing company.

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The image portrayed on the club patch should reflect the club's motto and how it wants to present itself. It is important to choose an appropriate text and font for the patch. For example, if the club wants to present a rough image, pick an uneven, jagged or sharp font for the text. The text itself could be the name of the club, the club's motto or a relevant saying or quote.

Illustrations chosen for the club patch can be freestanding or interwoven with the text. The illustration should be relevant to the club. For example, if the club is a motorcycle club, the illustration could feature bikes or biking gear.

Once the text and illustrations are chosen, sketch them on paper, and make an appropriate border along which the patch is to be cut. Add appropriate colors and background hues to the patch. Finally, take the sample to a local company or find one online to get the patch embroidered or printed.

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