How Do You Make a Cloak Pattern?

How Do You Make a Cloak Pattern?

To make a cloak pattern, create a custom quarter-circle pattern that is tailored to your neckline and height requirements. Use the pattern as a quarter, half or third of the cloak to achieve the desired fullness.

  1. Gather materials

    Cut a large piece of cardboard or kraft paper with a width and height equal to your height. Use scissors that are strong enough to cut through your material. Gather a roll of thick string or yarn and a pencil or marker.

  2. Measure your cloak length

    From the back of your neck, measure down your back to the point you want the cloak to hit. This is your cloak radius. Measure from the circumference of your neck to get the neckline measurement. Write both numbers down.

  3. Calculate the neckline radius

    Divide your neckline circumference by 3.14 to get the diameter. Divide the diameter by 2 to get the neckline radius. Add the neckline radius to the cloak length to get the pattern length.

  4. Mark the bottom edge of the pattern

    Tie one end of your string to the pencil or marker, and mark off your pattern length. Ask a friend to hold the mark firmly at one corner of your paper. Extend the marker out to the full length, and place it at one edge of the paper. Drag it along the paper in a quarter-circle, rotating around the end that is held in place.

  5. Mark the neckline

    On your string, mark the neckline radius. Hold the mark on the corner of the paper, and rotate the marker to draw the neckline edge. Cut out the pattern, which can be used as a quarter, third, or half of the cloak, depending on your desired fullness.