How Do You Make Church Fans?

Decorate a paper plate or card stock cut to size with scriptures or images that have special meaning and then attach a large craft stick with glue, staples or both. Keeping the fan small allows users to store the church fan in their Bible cover or purse.

Church fans are handy during the warmer months. Keeping them small ensures that they are easy to store and to have ready when needed.

Step 1: Make a base for the fan

Use a paper plate or cut a base from card stock. Either can work, but a paper plate is usually easy to find.

Step 2: Decorate the base for the fan

Print out spiritual pictures or scriptures that have personal meaning. Draw or color pictures, and write spiritual messages that are inspirational.

Step 3: Attach a large craft stick

Large craft sticks are better for this project than smaller ice pop sticks because they are easier to hold. Attach the large craft stick to the decorated church fan with glue. Add a staple or two if the stick needs greater stability.

Step 4: Allow the fan to dry

Let the fan dry before using it. If using staples, the fan may be ready to use after a few hours. If using only glue, allow the fan to dry at least overnight to allow it to set fully.