How Do You Make a Christmas Card Crossword Puzzle?

How Do You Make a Christmas Card Crossword Puzzle?

To make a Christmas card crossword puzzle, you could use a website that generates crossword puzzles. You could then download the puzzle, print it and paste it on the outside of your Christmas card.

  1. Find words and clues related to Christmas

    Write down a list of words and activities related to Christmas. You would them have to come up with clues or write down a definition for each word. For instance, for a simple Christmas-related word, you could write "elf," and the clue for this word would be "Santa's helper."

  2. Pick a website

    There are several sites for educators and students where you can generate free crossword puzzles. For instance, Discovery Education has links to crossword generators. Some sites like give you the option of using pictures or images instead of word clues, which can make your Christmas card look more festive. Enter the information of the words and clues in the appropriate section of the site. Many sites have a particular format that must be followed, like using a colon between the answer and the clue and entering one answer per line.

  3. Download and print the crossword

    After downloading the completed crossword puzzle, print it out, and attach it on cardstock or heavy-gauge paper. You could then add embellishments like ribbons, stamps, stickers and pictures around the puzzle.