How to Make a Chiton?

How to Make a Chiton?

To make a chiton, a person will need a long piece of material, sewing materials and a belt to tie around the waist. Chitons were worn by the people of ancient Greece.

Both males and females in ancient Greece wore chitons and peplos, which were types of tunics. The tunics fit loosely, allowing the person to move freely. When the weather was colder, the Greeks would add a heavier cloak known as a himation over the top of their chiton or peplos. Free men wore the chiton on both shoulders while sailors, workmen and slaves wore a chiton with one armhole for the left arm only.

The process of making a chiton is simple.

Step 1: Gather Material

First, a person must find a large piece of material that is the length of the person's height.

Step 2: Sew and Wrap

Then the material should be wrapped around the person, as well as sewn along the side seam. Be sure to leave room in the garment for the head and arms to come through.

Step 3: Add the Belt & Tie

Next, the material can be bunched together around the waist with a belt. This is the final step in making the chiton. If there is a lot of excess material, a person can pull up the excess so that it hangs over the belt.