How Do You Make a Chinese Knot?

make-chinese-knot Credit: Keren Su/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

To make a Chinese knot, also called a good luck knot, start with a cross shape, fold the loops over each other, weave the final loop, tighten, repeat all the steps, and adjust the "ears." Making a Chinese knot takes roughly 20 minutes and requires a length of cord, pins and backing.

  1. Start with a cross shape

    Identify the center of the cord, and fold it. Place the cord on a flat surface, pinning the first fold. Fold again partway down each of the hanging cords, and pin in place. The cord should resemble a cross.

  2. Label the parts

    For identification purposes during construction, label the long ends as A. Moving counter-clockwise, the first loop is B, the top loop is C, and the remaining loop is D.

  3. Start the knot

    Fold ends A over B near the center, and pin in place. Fold loop B over A, and pin. Fold loop C over B, and pin. All the loops should be on one side of the cord.

  4. Weave loop D

    Weave loop D over loop C and under ends A, and pin in place. The cord should resemble a square with the ends going up.

  5. Pull the knot closed

    Carefully remove the pins. Pull the loops evenly until the knot is secure in the center.

  6. Start the second half of the knot

    Fold ends A over loop D and secure in place. Fold loop D over ends A and loop C, and secure it with a pin.

  7. Complete the folds

    Fold loop C over loops D and B, and pin. Weave loop B over loop C and under ends A, pinning it in place.

  8. Tighten the knot

    Pull evenly on all four loops until the knot is secure. Adjust the "ears," or ancillary loops, to the desired length.