How Do You Make a Chinese Dragon Head With Household Items?


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Make a Chinese dragon head from the simple household items of empty egg boxes and paper. This takes about half an hour. You need two egg boxes, colored paper, tissue paper, paint, a pen, a stapler and glue.

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  1. Prepare the egg boxes

    Get two egg boxes that fit half a dozen eggs each. Cut out two of the compartments in one box. Paint the two compartment box orange. Cut the other box red. Wait for both boxes to dry thoroughly.

  2. Make the head

    Glue the orange box onto the end of the red box. Make sure that the orange box is turned sideways so that the cut area faces down on the red box and the bottom of the carton faces out. The red box is the snout and the orange box is the eyes.

  3. Cut out the mane and nose from the colored paper

    Draw the mane on orange and green paper and the nose on blue paper. Cut the shapes out. Glue the mane to the size of the egg box. Glue the nose to the front of the red egg box.

  4. Attach the tissue paper

    Attach a piece of purple tissue paper with a stapler to the top of the eyes. Draw scales on the red tissue paper, and attach it to the back of the orange and red egg boxes.

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