How Do You Make a Chili Pepper Wreath?


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Begin making a chili pepper wreath by cleaning and sorting bunches of chili peppers. Martha Stewart recommends rinsing and air drying the chilis first to remove any excess dirt. Sort the chilis by colors or type, removing green or discolored chilis that do not suit the color scheme of the wreath. Trim the stems of peppers to be of uniform size, and reserve the trimmings for later use.

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Lay all the chilis in a row, and measure a length of steel wire that is three times the length of the peppers. Martha Stewart suggests bending the wire into a loop at one end and shaping the remainder into an arch. Coil the remaining arch into a circle roughly three times. Begin filling in the wreath by attaching leftover stem material from the chilis, weaving them into the metal by hand until they are secured.

Take the bundles of peppers and use needle-nose pliers to pull the peppers through different points in the wreath. Use smaller, cut pieces of wire to attach the peppers to the wire of the wreath, twisting the wire around several times at the ends to secure the peppers. Arrange the peppers around the wreath until it looks full and filled out.

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