How Do You Make a Children's Teepee?


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To make a children's teepee, first start by choosing the teepee material, such as an old square sheet or light blanket that you don't mind cutting. Next, find four posts, including broom or mop handles that are unscrewed from the head.

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How Do You Make a Children's Teepee?
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Using the posts, build a frame by tying the top of the posts together. Weave string or rope several times around the outside of the posts and then in between each one. Tie the string tightly to keep the posts secure. Separate the legs on the posts and make a square with 3 feet of space between each post.

Take the sheet or blanket and cover the posts by lining up the corners of the material to the legs on the posts. Cut the middle of the material in a small circle so the string at the top of the posts is exposed, allowing the fabric to drape over the sides. Using a rubber band or more string, secure the material to the bottom of the posts to keep the teepee cover secure. On one side of the teepee, cut a slit into about 3/4 of the fabric starting from the ground to use as a door. Use paint or another medium to decorate the outside of the teepee.

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