How Do I Make a Chenille Quilt?


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Making a chenille quilt involves layering, sewing and cutting multiple pieces of cotton and flannel fabric to create a fluffy blanket. The process takes about two hours and requires four flannel pieces, one cotton fabric piece, binding fabric, masking tape, scissors, thread, a sewing machine and a hand-basting needle.

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  1. Choose the fabrics

    Select four pieces of flannel and one piece of cotton. Any size is appropriate, as long as all pieces are the same size. Choose multiple colors of flannel for a more colorful quilt.

  2. Layer the fabrics

    On a large flat surface, lay out the cotton fabric with the right side facing down. Layer one piece of flannel over the cotton fabric, with the right side of the flannel facing up. This layer of flannel acts as a batting and does not show in the final quilt. Layer the remaining three pieces on top, with the right sides all facing up.

  3. Baste the layers

    To hold the quilt in place, stretch a piece of masking tape across the quilt diagonally, extending over the corners to the surface. Use a basting needle and thread to make large basting stitches across the entire quilt. Leave the masking tape on the piece.

  4. Sew the layers

    Sew straight lines diagonally across the quilt, placing the lines 5/8 inch apart. Use the edge of the masking tape as a guide for the first line. Remove the tape, and continue sewing.

  5. Cut through the layers

    Working in between the sewn lines, use scissors to cut through the top three layers of flannel. Do not cut the bottom layer or the stitching lines.

  6. Bind the quilt

    Once all lines are sewn, trim the quilt edges so they are even. Bind the quilt edges with cotton fabric cut into 2 1/2-inch strips.

  7. Wash and dry

    Wash on a normal cycle, and dry on high. Clean the lint trap every 15 minutes, because the flannel sheds as the chenille is created.

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