How Do You Make a Chef Hat?


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To make a chef hat, cut a rectangular piece of poster board, and fold the board into a cylindrical shape. Seal the cylinder edges, cover the top of the cylinder with tissue paper, and secure the tissue to the board with staples.

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  1. Cut and fold the poster board

    Use scissors to cut a poster board into a rectangular shape that wraps around your head with a 2-inch overlap. Hold the cut board horizontally, fold the bottom upwards about 4 inches, and crease the fold. Fold down the flap, and crease it an inch above the first fold.

  2. Insert the top

    Insert tissue paper in the groove, and line one edge of the poster board with a single edge of the tissue paper. Extend the tissue paper past the top by 4 inches, align the tissue paper edge with the edge of the poster board, and staple the tissue paper to the groove below the flap. Fasten the rest of the tissue paper to the groove until the whole length of the poster board is covered, making minor folds on the tissue paper to create a puffy look.

  3. Seal the hat

    Wrap the poster board around your head to determine the size of your head, and fold the poster board into a cylinder. Staple the seams together, and then gather and staple the tissue paper top. Sink the tissue down into the top of the hat, and wear the hat.

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