How Do You Make Cheerleading Bows?

How Do You Make Cheerleading Bows?

To make a cheerleading bow, you need 28 inches of 3-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon, four inches of 5/8-inch-width grosgrain ribbon, a hot glue gun, a plastic template, a zip tie, scissors and a ponytailer.

  1. Fold ribbon ends

    Fold the larger piece of ribbon in half firmly enough to crease it, and mark the center crease. Lay the ribbon mark side up, and place your template on the ribbon, lining up the center mark on the template with the center mark on the ribbon. Lightly fold the ends of the ribbon over the template, angled slightly downward. While firmly holding the place where the ribbon crosses, slide the template out.

  2. Create ribbon creases

    Slide the marked center crease behind the folded-over ends of ribbon. Bend that segment in half, backwards. Bend the top of that segment forward, then backwards again, creating an additional forward bump, and repeat with the bottom so that you have three peaks. Wrap the zip tie around the center portion, pulling it tight enough to hold but not completely tight. Adjust the ends of the ribbon to ensure they look right, then pull the zip tie tight and cut off the excess.

  3. Finish ribbon

    Put hot glue on the back of the zip tie, and attach the ponytailer. Knot the smaller ribbon. Use hot glue to secure the knot in place on the front of the bow, then trim the excess, leaving enough to wrap around the glued end of the ponytailer. Glue the last of the ribbon down to complete the bow.