How Do You Make a Charm Bracelet?


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To make a charm bracelet, select a chain, cut it to the correct length, lay the charms in the desired order along the length of the chain, and attach them in order with jump rings. Close each jump ring with pliers.

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  1. Select the chain

    Choose a chain sturdy enough to hold the charms with the metal finish of your preference and links large enough to hold the jump rings.

  2. Cut the chain

    Hold the chain around your wrist. Make sure it is tight enough to not slip off your hand but still loose enough to be comfortable. Leave enough room for a clasp. Mark the desired length with a marker, and use wire nippers to cut it to size.

  3. Arrange the charms

    Lay the chain flat on a work mat on a table. Place the charms evenly along the length of the bracelet, trying to vary sizes, shapes and colors along the way.

  4. Open the jump rings

    Separate out as many jump rings as you have charms as well as selecting rings for the clasp. Take hold of a jump ring with needle nose pliers. Use another set of pliers to gently twist the metal. Twist until there is enough space to slip the ring over a chain link. Repeat this for all the jump rings.

  5. Attach the clasp

    Holding it in the pliers, slip one jump ring through the last link of the chain. Pick up the clasp, and thread the jump ring through the loop on top. Take hold of the jump ring with the other set of pliers, and gently twist it closed. Repeat on the other end for the other side of the clasp.

  6. Attach the charms

    With the charms still in the desired order, work from left to right. Thread a jump ring through the loop at the top of the charm, and slip it through the correct link in the chain. Use the pliers to twist each jump ring closed before moving on to the next charm.

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