How Do You Make Chalkboard Paint?


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Chalkboard paint can be used in a variety of crafts and is quick and easy to make. To make homemade chalkboard paint, mix together two parts Plaster of Paris, one part water and three parts acrylic paint. You will need Plaster of Paris, acrylic paint, water, a measuring cup, a bowl and a spoon.

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  1. Measure ingredients

    Measure 2 tablespoons of Plaster of Paris, one tablespoon of water and three tablespoons of acrylic paint. The total amount of ingredients needed will depend on your project.

  2. Mix ingredients

    In a bowl, mix together the measured amounts of Plaster of Paris and water until smooth. Add the measured amount of acrylic paint into the mixture. Stir together until well combined.

  3. Test the chalkboard paint

    Check your chalkboard paint for consistency before completely painting your project. If the consistency is too thick, add a few drops of water to thin the paint until the desired texture is achieved.

  4. Use the chalkboard paint

    Use your chalkboard paint in a relatively quick time frame after making it, as it hardens fast. If you are not able to use it all immediately, tightly seal the bowl. Allow to fully dry before writing on the chalkboard paint. Preferably, let sit overnight.

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