How Do You Make Chainmail Jewelry?


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Make chain mail jewelry by linking jump rings together using flat-nose pliers. Create a simple European 4-in-1 chain mail bracelet in about an hour.

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  1. Gather supplies

    To make a bracelet, you need to acquire 75-100 metal jump rings, a clasp and two pairs of flat-nose pliers.

  2. Open one ring

    With a pair of pliers in each hand, grab a jump ring, and twist in opposite directions to open.

  3. Make a chainlet

    Slide four rings onto the open ring, and use the pliers to close the open ring. Repeat this step until you have completed enough chainlets to make a bracelet that fits your wrist.

  4. Join the chainlets

    Lay one chainlet out flat, where one ring is in the center with two rings on top and two rings below. Place a second chainlet underneath the first. The rings on the second chainlet should be oriented in the same fashion as the first. Open a new jump ring. Loop it around the bottom two rings of the first chainlet and the top two rings of the second chainlet. Close the ring with the pliers. Repeat these steps until all the chainlets have been joined together.

  5. Add the clasp

    Open a jump ring, thread it through the center ring on one end, and add one half of the clasp set. Close the jump ring. Open another jump ring, and thread it through the center ring on the other end. Add the other half of the clasp, and close the jump ring to finish.

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