How Do You Make a Chain of People From Paper?

How Do You Make a Chain of People From Paper?

To make a chain of people from paper, fold a suitably sized paper with accordion folds of equal width, cut the folded paper into two pieces, and draw the silhouettes of dolls on them. Then, cut along the outlines, and unfold the paper.

To make accordion folds for creating a chain of people from paper, first place a piece of paper measuring 11 by 8 1/2 inches horizontally on a flat surface, and fold it into in half. Then, position the folded edge toward the bottom, and fold the paper's top half portion downward so that its edge touches the folded edge. Flip the paper, and repeat the process on its other half portion.

The paper should now have four accordion folds that can make four people in a chain. To make more people, decrease the width of the accordion folds.

After cutting the folded paper in half, draw the outline of a simple doll on each half. If desired, draw a different silhouette on each half. Ensure that the drawing fills the available space to the extent possible and that the edges of its fingers touch the paper's edges.

Carefully cut along the silhouette using a sharp pair of scissors, while leaving the edges of the fingers uncut. Finally, unfold each folded paper half to see two paper people chains.