How Do You Make Chain Armor in "Minecraft"?


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Create chain armor in the PC version of "Minecraft" by entering Creative Mode and using fire blocks. Chain armor is stronger than leather and gold armor, but weaker than iron and diamond armor.

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  1. Go into Creative Mode

    At the pause screen of the game, enter Creative Mode if you have not locked yourself into a specific game. Find fire blocks in your game inventory. Creative Mode gives you limitless supplies to play your "Minecraft" world freely.

  2. Craft armor using normal patterns

    Make a chain helmet with three fire blocks across the middle row of your crafting table, then add an additional fire block in each of the bottom corners. Create a chain breastplate with every slot on the crafting table filled except the upper middle one. Craft leggings with seven filled fire blocks while keeping the center slot, and the slot below the center, empty. Make chain boots by placing a fire block in each lower corner, and then one fire block each directly above those same corners.

  3. Wear the armor proudly

    Equip your chain armor on the inventory screen by placing each piece in its corresponding area. When Steve wears armor, his appearance changes on the screen. Armor protects your character from falls, burns and damage due to enemies. Although chain armor cannot be made in Normal Mode, but when you switch to Normal Mode from Creative Mode your chain armor remains intact.

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