How Do You Make Centerpieces?

How Do You Make Centerpieces?

Centerpieces are made by creating a focal point on a table, using some combination of bowls, vases, flowers, fruit and candles. Centerpieces for multiple table events are unobtrusive and simple, while centerpieces for single table events are larger and more complex.

The best way to make a centerpiece is to combine elements on the table until a desirable focal point is met. This creates a visually eye-catching balance in the center of the table.

When creating a centerpiece, the event and venue are important to keep in mind. Additionally, consider the size, shape and number of tables. For an event with one table or few tables, complex centerpieces bring together the decor of the occasion. For events with multiple tables, subtle centerpieces are often less expensive, while still giving tables proportion.

Centerpieces are pretty from all angles, and allow diners to eat without a lot of blank space between centerpiece components. Guests' views are never blocked by the centerpiece.

There is not one way to make a centerpiece, as there is no single visual aspect appropriate to all venues and events. The most frequently used elements come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, making them easy to adapt.