How Do You Make a Cast?

How Do You Make a Cast?

Make a decorative resin cast by combining resin and a chemical catalyst hardener and pouring it into a prepared mold. Add colors and embedded tokens as desired between prepared resin layers. Choose a well-ventilated working location that's protected from wind and free of dust.

  1. Prepare the work area

    Protect a flat working surface with plastic sheeting or newspaper. Spray inside each mold with mold release spray. Gather resin color pigments and decorative tokens to add during the molding process.

  2. Mix the resin

    Mix appropriate ratios of resin and catalyst according to the manufacturer's instructions. If the ratios are incorrect, the resin fails to cure properly. Stir thoroughly with a wooden stick until the mixture has a thick consistency. Eliminate as many air pockets as possible, since those remaining are visible in the finished product. Blend color pigments into clear resin in separate paper cups.

  3. Mold the resin

    Slowly pour the resin into the mold. If you plan to add tokens, fill the mold halfway. Let dry until the resin is no longer sticky. Gently embed the tokens, if applicable. Pour a second batch of resin until the mold is filled.

  4. Cure the cast

    Allow the resin to cure for at least 24 hours. Release the cast by turning it over and gently twisting the mold.