How Do You Make a Carrom Board?

How Do You Make a Carrom Board?

To make a carrom board, drill holes in the corners of a 29-by-29-by-0.4-inch lacquered plywood; measure and mark the board's baselines, center circle and the arrows from the corner pockets using a pencil; and trace the markings using black and red markers. Finally, affix a hardwood frame to the plywood.

To make holes in the corners of the plywood, measure about 1.75 inches from the wood's closest edges, and drill using a 1.75-inch bit.

To mark the baselines, measure and mark the center point of one of the board's sides. Mark 4 inches towards the board's center from this point, and measure 1.25 inches towards the board's center from the second marking.

Position the 9.25-inch measurement of a ruler just under the third mark, and draw an 18.5-inch long line parallel to the board's edge. Now, position the ruler 1.25 inches beneath this line, and draw another line parallel and equal to it. Trace all the lines with black marker.

At the ends of the two lines, draw 1 or 1.25-inch circles, and color them red or black. Similarly, draw the lines and circles on the remaining three sides of the board.

For the center circle, identify the plywood's center, draw a 1.25-inch inner circle and a 6.5-inch outer circle, and trace these using the black marker.

To make the arrows, mark 2 inches from one corner pocket's end, and draw a 10.5-inch-long line from it towards the board's center so that the line lies at a 45-degree angle with the board's corner and runs between the two red circles. Similarly, draw the other three arrows.

To make the board's frame, attach four 29.7-by-3-by-0.7-inch pieces of hardwood to all sides of the plywood using wood glue, keeping the base of both the materials flush.