How Do You Make a Card?

How Do You Make a Card?

To make a card, create the card stock, select designs for silhouette cutouts, imprint the outside using stamps, cut out the half silhouette and decorate the card. Making a card takes roughly an hour plus drying time for the glue. The materials required for the project are colored paper, printed paper, a utility knife, spray mount, craft glue, stamps, ink and a cutting mat. Glitter, beads and other decorations are optional.

  1. Prepare the card stock

    Apply spray mount to the back of the solid-colored paper. Affix the back of the printed paper to the spray mount, and press to adhere. Allow the bond to dry completely.

  2. Make the template

    Select flowers, shoes, animals or another motif. Make a template of a silhouette of an item, either by printing a template from the Internet or by drawing one on copy paper. The silhouette should be big enough to take up approximately a third of the width of the card.

  3. Prepare the card

    Fold the dried card stock in half with the solid color on the outside. Place the template over the crease so that half of the motif is on the card and the other half is free. Lightly trace the template with a pencil.

  4. Print the outside

    Place the card on scrap paper. Ink your stamp, and imprint the outside of the card. Do not overlap the traced template. Allow the ink to dry completely.

  5. Cut out the silhouette

    Open the card, and place it on a cutting mat. Use the utility knife to carefully cut out the half silhouette. Fold the card again, allowing the cut silhouette to extend beyond the card spine.

  6. Decorate the card

    Use glitter, bows, tiny pearls or other items to decorate the card. Affix them with craft glue, and allow the card to dry completely.