How Do You Make a Car Out of a Shoebox?

To make a car out of a shoebox, paint the shoebox and lid, glue milk jug lids to the front of the box as headlights, attach construction paper wheels to the sides of the box and tie a string to the front. This craft takes about 45 minutes and requires a shoebox with detachable lid, paint, paint brushes, construction paper, glue, milk jug lids and a string.

  1. Paint the shoebox

    Decorate the entire shoebox and lid with paint. Paint a base color and use accent colors for windows and extra designs. Allow the shoebox and lid to dry completely.

  2. Attach headlights and wheels

    Glue two milk jug lids or bottle caps to the front of the shoebox to represent headlights. Cut four circles out of construction paper or use four small paper plates to represent wheels. Glue the four circles to the sides of the shoebox so that the shoebox still lies flat on the ground.

  3. Add a string

    Poke a small hole in the box between the two headlights. Tie a large knot on one end of the string, and thread the string through the hole with the knot on the inside of the box. The string can be used to pull the box around during play. Remove the lid of the shoebox for a convertible that fits stuffed animals or dolls.