How Do You Make a Canopy Bed Top and Bed Skirt?

How Do You Make a Canopy Bed Top and Bed Skirt?

How Do You Make a Canopy Bed Top and Bed Skirt?

Making a canopy top and bed skirt involves measuring the bed, cutting the fabric and sealing its raw edges. It takes about three hours to make both items. The supplies you need are a measuring tape, a pencil, a sheet of paper, a step stool, adhesive Velcro strips, straight pins, iron-on fabric adhesive, sewing shears, fabric and a clothes iron.

  1. Choose the fabric

    Choose fabric that reflects the bedroom's ambiance and color scheme.

  2. Measure the bed

    Measure the length, the width and the height of the bed, and write the figures down. Stand on the step stool, and measure the height of the canopy frame. Record that figure.

  3. Calculate the size of the bed skirt

    To calculate the amount of fabric you need for the bed skirt, add 4 inches to the bed's circumference. Standard bed skirts are 18 inches long, plus 2 inches for the hems. If your bed is significantly higher or lower than 18 inches, adjust the length of the skirt to suit your taste.

  4. Mark and cut the fabric

    Place the fabric on a flat surface with the wrong side up. Pin it according to your measurements, and cut the fabric with shears. Keep the wrong side facing up.

  5. Fold and seal the hems

    Fold 1-inch hems at the top and bottom of the fabric, and iron the folds. Line the hems with heat-activated fabric adhesive, and iron the fabric in place.

  6. Remove the mattress

    Remove the mattress. Line the upper perimeter of the box spring with strips of adhesive Velcro. Velcro has two textures: soft (looped) and rough (hooked). Use the hooked variety on the box spring.

  7. Add Velcro to the bed skirt

    Attach a strip of looped adhesive Velcro along the skirt's upper hemline. To install the bed skirt, press its Velcro strips into those on the box spring. This keeps the skirt in place.

  8. Drape the canopy

    Consult your measurement sheet. Double the height of the canopy frame, and add 24 inches. This figure represents the ideal length of each piece of canopy fabric. Place the fabric on a flat work surface with the wrong side up, iron 1-inch hems on both ends and seal the fabric with iron-on fabric adhesive. Toss the fabric over the canopy frame, and adjust it until the hems are equidistant from the floor.