How Do You Make a Candy Table Buffet?


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To make a candy buffet table, create multiple tiers on top of the display table. Cover the display table with a tablecloth, set different sized and shaped bowls and bags on top of the table, and fill each container with candy.

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  1. Create visual depth on top of the display table

    Use wooden crates to create multiple tiers on top of the display table. If you do not have wooden crates, use sturdy, aluminum or glass baking trays of different sizes to make multiple candy buffet display levels.

  2. Cover the display tiers

    Use party theme-coordinating tulle, table cloths or large pieces of fabric to cover the display tiers. Accentuate the look of the table covering with glitter, silk flowers or other decorative accent pieces that support the theme of the event.

  3. Set varying sized jars and containers on top of the table

    Select several different-sized containers and jars to display the candy. Place oversized champagne flutes, margarita glasses, flared bowls, flower vases, or miniature, colored bags made of cellophane or organza on top of the table.

  4. Fill the bowls and bags with candy

    Fill the bowls and bags with different types of wrapped candy. Add additional visual depth to the display by placing different sizes and shapes of candy into each bowl or bag.

  5. Top each candy bowl or bag with a decorative accent piece

    Place silk flowers or large, wrapped lollipops on the top of each candy display.

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