How Do You Make a Candy Land Board Game?

To make a Candy Land board game, simply draw out the game's path on a piece of poster board, write up the playing cards and decorate the board as desired. One can use buttons as playing pieces and a die to generate the players' moves.

Candy Land is a popular board game for young children as it teaches counting and colors. Making a do-it-yourself game allows for personalization that is unique to one's family.

Step 1: Gather the supplies

Only a few supplies are necessary to make a Candy Land board game. They include:

  • A large piece of poster board
  • Pencils and markers or crayons
  • Index cards
  • Game pieces and a die

Step 2: Draw the game board

Use a pencil to trace the game's path through Candy Land. Evenly mark off sections of the path to form squares. Once the path is complete, draw in illustrations to bring the game to life.

Step 3: Color the game board

Use markers or crayons to color the path. The squares should be colored in a repeating pattern of four or five different colors. Color in the illustrations as well.

Step 4: Make the game cards

On each index card, draw a colored square using the colors on the game's path. Make some with one square, and some with two. Also draw penalty cards that force a player to go back on the path.