How Do You Make Candy Centerpieces?


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Candy centerpieces are created by analyzing and incorporating a particular holiday, party or event theme. Some candy centerpieces are made using one type of candy and one decorative jar or holder, while other centerpieces are made out of several types of candy that are strategically placed in numerous decorative containers that sit in the center of a table.

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How Do You Make Candy Centerpieces?
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A simple candy centerpiece can include roughly 50 to 100 wrapped, miniature candies placed into a clear glass jar, vase or decanter. Another simple candy centerpiece idea includes placing brightly hued candy pieces into small, multicolored ceramic glasses or bowls that dinner guests also take home as party favors.

Elaborate candy centerpieces can be made with different types of candies. For example, candy flower centerpieces are made by placing a large gumball or round candy piece around the lip of a balloon stick. Then, smaller gumballs or round candy pieces are placed around the center piece, which is then tied together with a rubber band and secured with a piece of colored cellophane.

Candy centerpieces are also made by arranging lollipops around fresh or dried flowers that are placed into terra cotta flower pots. Bows and ribbons that commemorate the occasion are often placed around the candy in the centerpiece.

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