How Do You Make Candle Shades With Beach Glass?


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To make a candle shade with beach glass, use hot glue to attach beach glass to a plain glass candle shade.

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  1. Procure your materials

    Needed materials are a newspaper or another surface protector, a high-temperature glue gun with glue sticks, beach glass and a plain clear or frosted glass candle shade. You can also use a plain glass votive holder. Materials are available at any craft or large variety store.

  2. Protect your workspace

    Cover your table or other workspace with newspaper, butcher paper or another protective cover.

  3. Prepare your glue gun

    Insert a glue stick into the glue gun per the packaging instructions. Plug the glue gun in, and allow to heat for at least five minutes.

  4. Affix beach glass to shade with hot glue

    You can choose to randomly place beach glass or use a design of your choosing. Place a pea-sized dollop of glue to the glass shade. Immediately place a piece of beach glass on the glue, and hold for one minute. A longer-lasting bond is created by using flatter pieces of beach glass.

  5. Finish your project and enjoy

    Continue placing sea glass on the shade or votive holder until the desired effect is reached. If you held each piece of glass in place for at least one minute, then your shade or votive holder is ready for use. Place a candle in the shade, light it and enjoy your creation.

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