How Do I Make a Camel Costume?

make-camel-costume Credit: Patty Sue O'Hair-Vicknair/CC-BY 2.0

To make a camel costume, use a hooded brown sweatshirt and matching brown sweatpants as the base of the costume, and add padded humps on the back of the sweatshirt and a tail. Add dark-brown gloves and shoes, and transform the hood into a camel head to finish the look.

  1. Buy a brown costume base

    Find a brown hooded sweatshirt and matching sweatpants to use as the base of your costume. Wear dark-brown shoes and gloves, which act as hooves.

  2. Make the camel head

    Using felt fabric in a matching shade of brown, cut out two long rectangles to form the camel's nose. Place the rectangles together, cut one side into a rounded shape and sew the top edges together. Flip the edges inside out, and sew the edge that's not rounded to the front of the hood. Glue pillow stuffing inside the top of the hood and the nose to create a raised head.

  3. Add ears and eyes

    Cut ears out of your felt, and sew them to the top of the camel head so they stick up. Glue on large googly eyes a few inches in front of the ears. Draw nostrils at the front of the nose using a black marker. Glue or sew fake fur between the ears to complete the head.

  4. Create the tail

    Cut out a long strip of felt, and glue a piece of fake fur to one end. Sew the other end to the seat of your sweatpants.

  5. Build camel humps

    Cut two large ovals out of your felt fabric. Place one on the top back of your sweatshirt, and sew around 3/4 of the circumference. As you sew, pull the center of the oval up so that the fabric puffs. Stuff the hump with filling, and sew the remaining edge. Repeat the process with the other oval to create a second hump. Alternatively, use two small round pillows for a quicker process. Glue fake fur along the top of each hump.