How Do You Make Butterfly Wings?


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To make butterfly wings for a child, you shape hangers into the proper shape, cover them with trash bags, and decorate. Start with four wire hangers, scissors, black trash bags, double-sided tape and black adhesive felt. Add white and gold office dots, orange felt, and Velcro.

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  1. Make the wing frame

    Untwist the hangers, and shape them into butterfly wings. Secure them together with packing tape, and cover the hanger ends with the adhesive felt.

  2. Attach plastic bags

    Stretch the plastic bags over the wing frames and secure them in place with double-sided tape, cutting away any excess plastic bag material.

  3. Cut out and attach felt

    Cut the orange felt into the appropriate shapes to fit the wing frame. Make sure to cut enough to cover both sides of the wings. Use double-sided tape to attach all of the felt to the plastic of the wings.

  4. Finish decorating wings

    After the felt has been added, decorate the remaining space on the wings with white and gold office dots.

  5. Attach wings to outfit

    Put a strip of Velcro on the wings, and attach the matching strip to the back of the shirt the child wears for the costume. Adjust the positioning as necessary.

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