How Do You Make a Butterfly?


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Make a butterfly by cutting a paper plate in two for the wings and pasting them onto an empty toilet paper roll. This craft requires a paper plate, a toilet paper roll, paint, wiggle eyes, pipe cleaner, scissors, a paint brush and glue.

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Paint the paper plate in whatever colors are desired. Use a base color, such as yellow, for the wings, and then paint blue or green designs and dots on top of the base color. Allow the base color to dry completely before painting the designs. Paint the empty toilet paper roll black for the body.

Once the plate is completely dry, cut it in two for each of the wings. Use a wavy or uneven line to make the wing edges look more realistic. Glue the plate halves to the toilet paper roll by placing the uncut edges facing each other on the roll. Place dots of glue underneath the lips of the plate halves, and press them to the toilet paper roll until they adhere firmly.

Glue the wiggly eyes on one end of the toilet paper roll. Cut two 2-inch pieces from the pipe cleaner for the antenna, and glue them just above the eyes.

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