How Do You Make a Butcher Block?

How Do You Make a Butcher Block?

To make a butcher block, obtain 2-foot boards that are 3/4 inch by 1 1/2 inch. Glue and clamp the boards, remove any glue drips, and let it dry. The next day, trim and sand the block, and oil it.

  1. Glue and clamp the boards

    Lay the boards flat. Drizzle resin glue over the face of one board, and press another board on top. Repeat until all of the boards are glued together, and then secure them with clamps. Tighten the clamps slowly, and hit them with a hammer to force out air bubbles and excess glue. Do this until glue oozes out from between the boards. Leave the clamps on overnight.

  2. Scrape off the excess glue

    The following morning, remove the clamps, run a glue scraper down the sides of the butcher block, and scrape away the dried glue residue.

  3. Trim and sand the block

    Use a radial arm saw to remove both ends of the block. Clamp the block to your work surface, and sand it with a belt sander fitted with a 100-grit belt. Pay special attention to the edges. When they are smooth and slightly rounded, sand the block with an orbital sander. Start with a 100-grit sanding disk, and then polish the block with a 180-grit disk.

  4. Apply mineral oil

    Apply a generous amount of mineral oil to all sides of the block. Rub it in with a clean rag.