How Do You Make Bunco Score Sheets?


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You can make Bunco scoring sheets by printing pre-made scoring sheets or by developing your own scoring sheet with a spreadsheet program. Printable Bunco scoring sheets are available in a variety of themes and styles and can be downloaded and printed for free or for a small fee.

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To create your own custom Bunco scoring sheet, begin by opening a spreadsheet program on your computer and typing a player's at the top of the document. Create five columns. At the top of the second column, type "Set 1." Type "Set 2," "Set 3," and "Set 4" at the top of the third, fourth and fifth columns. Create six rows underneath the header row, one for each of the six rounds of play in the game. Label each row with its corresponding number. Add space at the bottom of the sheet to tally the player's total wins, losses and Buncos.

If you don't have access to a spreadsheet program, simply draw the grid by hand on a piece of paper. The game is played in six rounds with a group of 12 players, so create a score card for each player. It is important to keep score throughout the game, so a well-constructed score card is necessary to make the process easier.

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