How Do You Make a Brooch Bouquet?


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Make a brooch bouquet by starting with a bouquet of flowers, adding brooches and wrapping the stem. This process takes under one hour. You need brooches, a strand of pearls, silk flowers, ribbon, floral wire, floral tape, scissors, wire cutters and a hot-glue gun.

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  1. Prepare the flowers

    Purchase some silk flowers of desired color and type. Remove all the leaves by using the scissors so that you have only the long stems and the flowers. Arrange the flowers in the desired shape.

  2. Wrap the stems

    Wrap the stems of the flowers right below the blossoms with floral tape. Overlap the tape as you wrap in order to create a solid single stem.

  3. Prepare the brooches

    Choose brooches that match the flowers. Wrap a length of floral wire around the brooch clasps, and twist the ends together to create a long stem.

  4. Place the brooches in the bouquet

    Place the brooches in the bouquet of flowers with the twisted ends facing downward.

  5. Wrap the brooch ends

    Use floral tape to wrap the long stems of the brooch ends to the stems of the flowers.

  6. Wrap the bouquet stem

    Wrap a length of decorative fabric around the stem of the bouquet starting at the bottom. As you wrap, apply hot glue to the ribbon to fasten it securely to the stem.

  7. Add the pearls

    Wrap a strand of pearls around the flowers and brooches.

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