How Do You Make a Broken China Mosaic Stepping Stone?


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To re-purpose an old and broken china into a beautiful mosaic stepping stone for your garden you need broken china, safety glasses, heavy cloth, a hammer, rubber gloves, a concrete stepping stone, mortar, grout, a sponge and a trowel. Once you break the china up into smaller usable pieces, figure out the design you want to use, then set the mortar and place the pieces how you want them, before covering with the grout.

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  1. Prepare the china

    Put on rubber gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from sharp edges. Place the china in a heavy towel. Break it into smaller pieces using a hammer.

  2. Prepare the stepping stone

    Douse the concrete stepping stone with water. It needs to be thoroughly wet in order for the mortar to adhere to the stone.

  3. Apply the mortar

    Purchase thin-set mortar, and prepare it according to the instructions on the label. It needs to have a slightly runny consistency. Using a trowel, spread a layer of mortar on the stone that is between ¼ and ½ inch thick.

  4. Place the china

    Place the china on the stone, and press it into the mortar. Leave evenly spaced gaps between the china pieces for the grout. Plan your design ahead of time because the mortar dries in just 15 minutes. If needed, apply the mortar and place the china in segments. Allow the mortar to dry overnight.

  5. Add grout

    Use a trowel to apply grout in the gaps between the china pieces and down the sides of the stone. Once all the spaces are filled, use a wet sponge to clean off any excess grout. Allow the grout to dry for at least 24 hours.

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