How Do You Make Braided Rugs?

How Do You Make Braided Rugs?

To make braided rugs, sew together 1 1/2-inch strips of fabric to make three long strips. Fold and iron the strips to hide raw edges, and braid the strips together. Coil the strips, and sew them into position.

  1. Cut fabric into strips

    Cut fabric into 1 1/2-inch strips. Make each strip as long as possible.

  2. Sew the strips together to form three long strips

    Machine sew the strips end-to-end with the right sides together to make three strips of equal length.

  3. Hem one end of each strip

    Fold one end of each strip over 1/2 inch with the wrong sides together. Sew the hem in place.

  4. Hide the raw edges

    Fold the long edges on both sides of each strip over 1/4 inch towards the middle, wrong sides together. Iron the folds in place. Then, fold each strip lengthwise down the middle, and iron the fold.

  5. Sew the ends together

    Lay the three strips on top of each other, and sew them together at one end.

  6. Braid the strips together

    Braid the strips together starting at the sewn end. Fasten the unsewn end of the braid with a large safety pin.

  7. Coil the braid

    Coil the braid starting with the sewn end to form the shape of the rug. Cover the top side of the rug with masking tape strips to hold it together.

  8. Sew the coil in place

    Turn the carpet over. Set starting in the middle with a blunt needle and carpet thread. Pass the needle through every other coil to hold the braid in position. Then turn the carpet over, remove the masking tape, and sew through the opposite loops on the other side.

  9. Finish the end

    Remove the safety pin, and hand sew the raw ends of the strips to the edge of the rug.