How Do You Make Bracelets?


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There are many kinds of bracelets, and a variety of methods for making them. To create a color-block bracelet, prepare an embroidery hoop, wrap different colors of yarn around the hoop, secure with glue, and add pearl embellishments. Creating a yarn-wrapped bracelet takes roughly 30 minutes and requires a small embroidery hoop, half-pearls, craft glue and at least two colors of yarn.

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  1. Prepare the hoop

    Remove the center from the embroidery hoop. Discard the outer ring.

  2. Start the wrapping

    Place a dot of glue on the inside of the hoop. Select one color of yarn, and cut it to 12 inches. Place the end of the yarn in the glue. Press to secure. Wrap two times over the glued end.

  3. Continue wrapping

    Continue wrapping the yarn in even loops around the hoop until you get near the end of the yarn or have achieved the desired width of the color band.

  4. Change colors

    Place two dots of glue near the end of the wrapped portion, and secure the end of the yarn. Select the next color of yarn, and cut it to 12 inches. Place a little more glue near the first glued tail, and press the end of the new color into it.

  5. Wrap and change

    Continue the process of wrapping and changing colors until you have completely covered the embroidery hoop. Finish the wrapping with a final dab of glue, and tuck the end between wrapped sections.

  6. Add embellishments

    Select sections for the pearl embellishments, preferably in the center of the color blocks. Place a dot of glue on the flat back side of the half-pearl, and press it into place. Allow the glue to dry completely before wearing the bracelet.

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