How Do You Make a Boy Scout Patrol Flag?

A Boy Scout patrol flag serves as a unique representation of a Scout Patrol, and every single scout of the patrol should have a hand in making the patrol flag. As explained by Scouting Rediscovered, this group activity establishes the principle idea that every individual scout is necessary in making the patrol a good one. Working together, the scout patrol should draft a flag design and craft it from raw materials.

Each aspect of the patrol flag design should be decided upon carefully and by a majority vote. The patrol leader should coordinate the design and construction efforts so each scout's talents are put to work most effectively. As Scouting Rediscovered states, the possibilities for the overall design are limitless. Traditional flags may be crafted from fabric, while other patrols may wish to use leather, metal or wood as their flag material. If choosing fabric materials, pick one that is extremely durable.

The flag may take any shape desired. It can be crowed with intricate designs and words, or display a simple and bold image. The imagery may represent the skills of the patrol or illustrate the accomplishments they thrive to achieve.

The choice of the flag pole is also one of infinite possibilities. The most traditional flag pole material is wood, most often a long, straight hardwood tree branch. The pole could be carved, treated, stained or simply left natural with the bark still intact.

Ultimately, the overall flag design should be portable, as to accompany the Scout Patrol during all activities, such as camping and hiking trips. The Patrol flag should always be treated with pride and respect.