How Do You Make Bows Out of Ribbon?


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Some common styles of bows made with ribbon include a tailored bow, a classic bow, a rosette bow, a winged bow and a three-loop bow. To make a tailored bow, fold a ribbon into series of loops, each loop slightly smaller than the one below it. Staple the layers together, add another ribbon underneath the stack to create the bow’s tails, and staple again. Glue a piece of ribbon around the center to cover the staples.

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To create a classic bow, fashion two loops in a length of ribbon, and cross the right loop over the other. Pass the right loop under and up through the left, and then pull both loops taut to create a small knot. Cut notches into the ribbon tails. To form a three-loop bow, create two loops the same size, one on each side, and then form another loop to the left. Wrap the ribbon over your thumb to make a center loop, and wire it in place with floral wire. Adjust the third loop so that it is arranged at the top of the bow, and trim the ribbon tails in to a “V” shape.

To create a rosette bow, wrap a piece of ribbon around four fingers. The more times the ribbon is wrapped, the fuller the bow. Cut two notches in the center of the layers, and knot a piece of string tightly around the ribbon’s notches. Spread the loops outward, and arrange into a full, ball shape.

To create a winged bow, cross one end of a ribbon over the other, and pull one end through the resulting opening in the ribbon. Continue to pull both ends of the ribbon until a tight knot is formed in the center. Notch the end of each ribbon tail with scissors.

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